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There are many great products, clothing, shoes, and more that may not be readily available in a department store or may just be released....and you HAVE to know about it! If you are a designer or manufacturer, and you feel your product will be of benefit to women, please contact us


The fast and most effective way to remove all make-up! The GLOV is reusable for to 3 months, dermatologically tested and best of all.....perfect for traveling! Simply add water to the GLOV to remove make-up quickly and easily. To clean the GLOV after use, rub gently with soap and water, rinse, and let dry. The GLOV is clinically tested and safe to use on all skin types. The hypoallergenic dual action microfibers remove eye and face make-up without irritation, leaving skin feeling clean and hydrated. Our product tester used this product daily for 3 months, and found it worked superb after a long day and during travel. It is so convenient to slip in a purse or satchel, and remove for a refresh while on the go. While traveling, simply put the GLOV in a ziplock bag after use, and hang to dry when you are able. GVW product tester is now a convert to the GLOV! No more make-up remover solutions or chemically constructed make-up wipes! The GLOV retails for $12.99, and can be found at ULTA.COM

Golf Vacations for Women is all about full experiences from travel with culture, golf and spa to learning about the latest products, trends, dining spots and so much is all waiting for  you!


Rosanne Zinniger, Founder 

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