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Contacts & Travel Tips


There are many travel agents to choose from, however a golf tour travel professional is more specialized in securing the best golf, culture, spa and dinning options. Below you will find top quality professional services along with travel tips to make your vacation much more enjoyable.


Travel Professional - Top Pick


The top golf travel agency in the U.S. is First Tee Travel. They are certified specialists in worldwide golf travel, international leisure travel, destination weddings, tours, spa, cruise, and adventure travel. When you book with First Tee Travel, you are taken care of from the first contact to a follow up.

Click on the link below to learn more and

book your travel today:

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Travel Tips


From International travel to travel insurance to foreign currency. This section (still under construction) will provide updated information for 2021 travel and beyond.

* Before You Go

* Covid Travel Restrictions

* Travel Insurance - which is the best?

* Foreign Currency Exchange - exchange in home country or when I get there?

* Beat The Clock - Steps to Dealing with Jet Lag

* Personal Care - Nutrition and Staying Healthy

* Flights, Connections, Delays, and "What If's"

* Learning International Culture

* Be Prepared: Safety and Emergencies Abroad

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