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Update 2024: Land & Water - The Very Best

Chef Rob Ruiz

Unfortunately Land & Water did not survive the pandemic, inflation, and changing environment. Chef Rob has since moved on to another location in Mexico, creating his delicious fare for those who seek him out. We will miss him and Land and Water.

2016: Land & Water's mission statement is, "We serve only the very best from the land and water. Responsible, traceable seafood, humanely raised and purely natural terrestrial proteins…organically grown and locally harvested produce. Our seasonal menu is crafted from scratch by our chefs, who contribute years of experience into each dish." Every word, every sentence, in this mission statement is true. You must experience for yourself! And, yes, it is an experience. From the education of where the ingredients came from, to how it was grown or caught, along with a very seductive sensory experience. The whole experience will assault all your senses! Trust your senses to world renown Chef, Rob Ruiz. Chef Rob holds many accolades, including the very prestigious 2016 Ocean Awards for his dedication to improving fishing and seafood industry practices, which is globally recognized. His commitment to ocean conservation and his ongoing mission to raise awareness and consumption of environmentally friendly seafood began in 2009, when he joined up with the NOAA and His strong commitment of sustainability (both marine and land) carries over to all aspects of ingredients he uses in his restaurant. He buys fruits, vegetables, fish and meat all from local farmers, and knows exactly when and where all fish are caught.

My recommendation for the ultimate fine dining experience at Land & Water in Carlsbad, CA is to make a reservation to sit at the bar in Chef Rob's section. You will get the full experience if you allow him to order for you. He will educate you while he works, and watching how he handles every ingredient is like watching an orchestrated performance. If you want a more intimate dining experience with your significant other or group of friends, you will be given the same attention by their very knowledgeable wait staff. Ask for wine pairings with each dish, you will not be disappointed. My top menu item recommendation is the 10 piece Nigiri Sushi platter, which is their finest fish prepared in the chef's own unique style. Add an order of the crispy beef skewers to round out your meal! Whichever menu item you choose, your mouth will be assaulted by the most delicious flavors!

For reservations, please go to:

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